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Ballroom Dance Lessons in a Dubai Professional School

You will immediately notice that ballroom dance Dubai classes are filled with people. The magic of dance is suitable for this glamorous brilliant megalopolis.

Ballroom Dance Lessons in Dubai: Acquaintance With the Culture

The world of dancing is amazingly diverse! The term «ballroom dancing» originated in medieval Europe, it was applicable to the secular dances. The cult of the beautiful dance goes like a red thread throughout the history. And every era gave the world new types of dances with its costumes and rules.

Ballroom Dance Lessons: Dubai Opens up Opportunities!

This program of sports activity is for those who do not want to quickly grow old. People, who are engaged in a professional school, change very fast. Dancing gives an enormous load, a correct balanced cardiac load. The modern ballroom dance classes Dubai offers or any other place have two different programs:

  • European program: English and Viennese waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, tango
  • Latin-American program: samba, rumba, jive, cha-cha-cha and Pasodoble

Best dancers from all the world work in ballroom dancing Dubai schools. To stay here as a coach is not a simple task. So, this is a good opportunity for you to improve your dancing talent or to realize your desire.

Very Nice to Meet You, Dance!

A traditional ballroom dance is paired. This is the synchronous rhythm of partners, the fusion of their hearts and emotions in a single impulse. Behind the doors of the dance studio, you will find another world… Let's get acquainted!

  • I'm a slow English Waltz, the king of dance, full of solemn atmosphere and charm. My measured movements into three accounts for lyrical music look noble and elegant.
  • I'm the Vienna Waltz. I circle partners at a high speed to a quick melody, immersing the viewer into a fairy tale. At the same time, partners swirl over the parquet floor without jumping, smoothly as weak waves in a calm sea.
  • I am passionate Argentine Tango. I'm slow and fast, gentle and sharp, moving and stopping. I came from Argentine and Spanish folk dances. Do you have a hot blood? Dance tango! My dancer is strong and sensual, and his girl is gentle but disobedient.
  • I'm Quickstep. Designed by those who came to the ballroom dance Dubai school for super mood. I am the most mischievous dance of the classical program with jumps and fast turns to energetic music.
  • I'm a slow Foxtrot, the exact opposite of my friend Quickstep. I am the hardest and deserve only the most zealous training.

Continue to learn the program of ballroom dancing Dubai schools? Here comes the incendiary Latin on the floor!

  • I am passionate Rumba. My girl-partner is the most sensitive and flexible, and the boy-partner skillfully helps her to express it in motion.
  • I am the complete opposite of Rumba, Jive dance. I'm changeable, like Dubai that is constantly improving all the time. Jumps and rising, sharp changes in locations. Energy in its pure form!
  • I'm carefree Cha-cha-cha. Just look at those hips! They do not find places for themselves. And it's correct, this was the main idea of a dance. Clearly, sharply, quickly.
  • I'm the hottest Samba on feet-springs. A bright and brilliant dance of all the carnivals. Flirt and pheromones on the dance floor.
  • I am Pasodoble, the dance of a brave torero and his faithful girl. I take the viewer into the Corrida, where the partner is a brave torero, and his girl is kind of the personification of his strength and coolness.

Did you like the acquaintance? Well, welcome to the ballroom dance lessons Dubai professional school offers you. Have a great time!

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