About Us

Dancing is a profound manifestation of emotions, art, humanity and equal rights.
Martin Luther King

Our sincere love for dancing and music motivated us to create this website, so that we can share information about dance activities, dance schools, dance studios, clubs, parties and other places, where everybody can join the dance floor. Dancing couples look sexy, charming and burst with energy. Probably, it’s the reason why people want to join dancing, but they may face different problems, like bad teacher or instructor, unprofessional dance school and lessons, etc. Facing such problems can make the amateurs to stop dancing, abandon this idea, think that it was stupid, and better they devoted themselves to something else. Our mission is to stop such situation from happening by providing accurate and complete information about the right places, so that everybody can get satisfaction from dancing, enjoy and love it as we do.

We believe that only together we can achieve our goal. If you have any information about your business that you want to post on our website, or share your dancing experience, please, don't hesitate to contact us. Your story can help us to build the dancing community in Dubai, improve and develop our website and folow our goal of information transparency.

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